The Simple Bookkeeper with PHP & MySQL

taught by Sara Ogata

Course description

Login & Logout / Auto Login / Search Data, and more!

What You'll Learn

Chapter1: Registration, Login & Logout

In this chapter, we're going to develop the minimal login system.

- How to connect to MySQL database.
- Register user's name, email, and password.
- How to use password_hash & password_verify.
- Login / Logout with Session

This chapter is completely free, so definitely try it :)

Chapter2: Account Settings & Auto Login

In this chapter, we're going to add more functions:

- Email existence check
- Change & Reset password
- Auto-login (Remember me) with cookie

and more!

Chapter3: The Simple Bookkeeper

Finally, we're going to develop the bookkeeping system.

- Insert / Select / Update / Delete data
- How to display data from MySQL database.
- Search data.

By the end of the course, you'll know how PHP and MySQL work together!


XAMPP /  PHP version7.0.26 (*required PHP 5.5 or later.)
Text EditorCoda2
BrowserGoogle Chrome

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Before Purchase

  1. Please check preview videos so that you can know what kind of videos I created.
  2. I made this course especially for the people who learned the basics of PHP.
    You can watch every step and create exactly the same application, but I'm not explaining every single code. (Of course, there are many notes and tips on the videos!)
  3. This course is Non-refundable.

Sara Ogata
Sara Ogata

Working as a freelance programmer in Japan.
I'll try to make coding as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy coding 🙂