Contact Form with PHP

taught by Sara Ogata

Course description

In this video, we’re going to create “Contact Form” with PHP!
Every website has a contact form, but you may have no idea how it works.


Actually, the structure is very simple. Get input values, validate them, and send an email. That’s it!


I think it’s going to be useful to learn PHP because the first application I created was the contact form like this.
Hope you enjoy coding!


As always, I’ll show you every step in the video.
You will learn:
– HTML & CSS with Bootstrap & Google Fonts.
-- POST method
-- mail function
-- Validation

Note: You may not be able to use mail function on localhost. I recommend uploading a file to your web server.

Sara Ogata
Sara Ogata

Working as a freelance programmer in Japan.
I'll try to make coding as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy coding 🙂

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