Catch the Ball - Android Studio Game Tutorial -

taught by Sara Ogata

Course description

Welcome to my first Android Studio Game Tutorial!

I’m so glad that you get interested in this tutorial :)

In this tutorial, we’ll create the game app exactly like this. (You can download free demo app from Google Play.)
If you get errors or weird situations, please leave a comment in each section to be able to share with everyone.

Hope you enjoy it!

Android Studio 2.1.1
Simulator: Nexus4

Environment (BONUS):
Android Studio 2.3.1
Simulator: Nexus4

Sara Ogata
Sara Ogata

Working as a freelance programmer in Japan.
I'll try to make coding as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy coding 🙂

Reviews (10)

by Muhammad Mubeen

by amit singh


by Priyanshu Choudhary
very learnable and interesting tutorials.
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by Muhammad Mubeen

by amit singh


by Priyanshu Choudhary
very learnable and interesting tutorials.


by Brindha D
I'm learn very much content about android in this coding with sara.. thank you very much!!! you're great.. keep it up!!!

Great Basic Course

by don duck
This course has some very useful basic information and code for starting game development. If you have never written one line of code this tutorial series and bonus will save you a vast amount of time and shorten the learning curve for implementing all future projects with Android Studio Study the code and understand the logic flow behind each method will be a BIG Aha moment for any beginner Sara is a top rated coder in my book Why? Have you ever seen anyone align comments in a video ? I am not sure which video it was but look for it Great Work Sara you are someone worth watching and following Voice over might have been nice but after watching this became unimportant 5 stars because it is clean and concise

Awesome :)

by Chelo Moreno
I'm happy with this course, thank you so much Sara Ogata. Everything is perfect :D

one of the best methods to teach

by Agamjot Singh
I have no experience in java or android but your tut gave me the first hand exp about how android works

A Most Excellent Course!

by Thomas Beaudry
I've followed along with sara and after completing all of her tutorials, everything worked out perfectly! She is very well structured in all areas of her presentations, even with drawn out visuals, and nice calming coding background music too...amazing!! Thank you Sara for sharing your course with me, and I am confident you will do greatly in your programming endeavers! See ya on the Google Play Store! Best wishes :), Tom

by Bicky Chhetry

by Ogi Ogi