SQLite database, Google Leaderboard, AdMob, and more!

Welcome to Android Studio Quiz Game Tutorial!

In this course, I’ll show you lots of new stuff that I didn’t include in Catch the Ball series.

For example:
- SQLite database
- Admob Banner Ad
– Update APK to Google Play Store
– Google Play Games (Leaderboard)

Before Purchase

  1. Please check preview videos so that you can know what kind of videos I created.
  2. I made this course especially for the people who learned the basics of Java.
    You can watch every step and create exactly the same app, but I'm not explaining every single code. (Of course, there are many notes and tips on the videos!)
  3. This course is Non-refundable.

Course curriculum

Chapter 1

This chapter is completely free, and you can develop the quiz app!

You'll learn:
- Create the quiz set.
- Display question and choices.
- Check answer.
- Display results.
- Save score.

If you just want to know how quiz game works, definitely try it!
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

In chapter 2, we're going to add more features.

Feature1: SQLite Database
In chapter1, we prepared only 15 quizzes. As the quiz app, these are not enough for users. So, I'll show you how to use SQLite Database, and you can generate lots of quizzes.

Feature2: Sound Effect
The sound effect is a necessary feature for games. Let's add correct and wrong sounds, and keep users from getting bored! (I'll give you downloadable sound files.)

Feature3: AdMob Banner Ad
After releasing the app, generating revenue is the significant part. I created the video about the interstitial ad in catch the ball tutorial, so we're going to implement the banner ad in this tutorial. If you combine interstitial and banner ads, you'll be able to make more money!
Chapter 2


Google Play Games - Leaderboards -

In the bonus chapter, we're going to connect to Play Games Leaderboard!

When I first tried this, I had read documents and several blog posts.
I could do it, but it was complicated...
In my tutorial, I don't want you to feel the same way!
I wrote code as simple as possible and included images that help you to understand.

Before you start

  • Environment

    Android Studio version
    (Has been tested with 3.1.2)

    Genymotion (Nexus4)

  • Support

    If you get errors or weird situations, leave a comment in discussion section or on YouTube.
    I'll answer as much as I can.

  • Demo App

    You can download the demo app from here.
    Please download & check what we develop before you start :)

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