Welcome to "A Calendar with PHP & MySQL" course!

In this course, I'll show you how to create a calendar that you can add, edit, and delete schedules.

You will code:

  • HTML
  • CSS (Bootstrap)
  • JavaScript (a very little)
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Hope you enjoy coding!


XAMPP/ PHP version
5.6.30    (Has been tested with 7.0.26)
Text Editor
Google Chrome

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Before Purchase

  1. Please check preview or "how-to-code-calendar-in-php" so that you can know what kind of videos I created.
  2. I made this course especially for the people who learned the basics of PHP. You can watch every step and create exactly the same calendar, but I'm not explaining every single code. (Of course, there are many notes and tips on the videos!)
  3. This course is Non-refundable.

Course curriculum

Course Updates (May 2018) - Add new video "13. Schedule Search"

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  • great

    Alaeddine dridi

    it's great but price little expensive !

    it's great but price little expensive !

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Created by

  • Sara Ogata

    Sara Ogata

    Working as a freelance programmer in Japan. I try to make coding as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy coding 🙂

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